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Abyl Gauhar (1)
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Әл-Фараби атындағы Қазақ Ұлттық Университеті

6В01701-Қазақ тілі мен әдебиеті

Орындаған; Абыл Гауһар

Тексерген; Габдкаримова Гулжазира



1 You don’t get up early

2 It doesn't rain a lot here 

3 We don't live in a flat 

4 I don't play tennis 

5 He doesn't have a beard 

6 They don't go to the gym 

7 She doesn't write a blog


1 When do you meet your friends?

2 Does your laptop have a webcam? 

3 What time do we need to leave? 

4 Does your mother work from home? 

5 Which websites do you use most? 

6 Does your girlfriend like action films?

7 Does your brother spend a long time on Facebook?


1 works

2 earns 

3 study 

4 want 

5 lives 

6 share 

7 have 

8 doesn't come 

9 doesn't like 

10 prefer 

11 don't see 

12 get on 



1 Does your boyfriend have brown eyes or blue eyes? 

2 Tanya's dad doesn't have any hair. He's bald.

3 My best friend's hair isn't straight . It's curly.

4 Andy doesn't shave. He has a beard and a moustache.

5 You aren't fat at all. I think you're quite slim.

6 When Jake was young, he was very thin but now he's a bit overweight.

7 My hair isn't brown, it's red. And I'm not short, I'm medium height.


1 c

2 d

3 e

4 a

5 b

6 f


1 quiet

2 extrovert 

3 mean 

4 unfriendly 

5 lazy 

6 unkind 

7 funny 

8 intelligent

I want to write a description for my friend Zhaniya. She is a very good girl. We have been friends since childhood. She has short black hair. There are freckles on its surface. She is a girl of average height and plump. She's blonde. It's a girl with a snub nose. She is an educated girl and is currently studying at Sdu University. He takes care of everything. He is hardworking because he does everything possible to make the game happen. Always eager to learn something new. He plays the piano well. His character is open, he quickly gets used to the environment. He is kind and generous, always ready to help. But he quickly gets upset and keeps it to himself. This is the description I would give to my friend.

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